Exciting news!

Over the coming months, we will be phasing in a new brand style across the Alpha Group.

Alpha Training Safety Solutions, our training company – and Rescue 2 our Confined Space and Technical Rescue company will have image refreshes to bring them into line with each other.

We are also launching our new business – Face Fit Testing UK. (More information on this to follow shortly.)

The Alpha Training and Rescue 2 brand styles have been in existence for several years now, and the introduction of the new Face Fit Testing brand, gave us the opportunity to update the entire group.

The three new brand styles will give the group of companies a more cohesive and corporate looking identity, making it more obvious to customers that the three companies are interlinked, adding weight to our reputation and making it easier to provide services between all three.

For further information on the services of Alpha Training and Rescue 2 – please visit our websites.  www.alphahealthandsafety.com  |   www.rescue2.co.uk

Alpha Training Safety Solutions