Manual Handling

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at anyone who requires a basic understand of manual handling and how to lift and carry loads correctly.


To introduce Manual Handling safe practices in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Delegates will be aware of the principles behind safe manual handling of loads. To lift and carry loads within their capacity using aids and assistance as required. They will learn how to state the parts of the body at risk of injury when lifting incorrectly and the injuries that may occur as a result. They will be able to demonstrate the techniques that can be applied to the manual handling of loads in order to achieve economy of effort and observe the improvements in their manual handling skills.

Course Content      

  • Introduction to Manual Handling
  • Statistical Evidence
  • Legislation
  • Understanding of anatomy related to manual handling
  • The leverage effect
  • Causes of back pain
  • Introduction to base movement
  • Top heavy movement
  • Dual lifting techniques
  • Team lifting techniques
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • The use of mechanised lifting aids
  • Workplace specific practical application

Delivery Method

A combination of classroom based activity, syndicate working and presentation/demonstrations, practical application. A wide range of video and photographic material is used to enhance the learning experience for delegates.

Assessment and Certification

Continual assessment process leading to certification on successfully completing the course.


3 hours

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Manual Handling
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